Branding Sessions

We believe in intentionally crafting imagery that shares the story of your business.

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Our Theory

Humans connect to honesty and stories. Being able to artfully share your business’ uniqueness through imagery will not only help you gain customers but also create a sincere following. We strive to capture every aspect of your business not only with a modern approach but also with intention. Every business or maker we work with goes through an in-depth planning process. That process sets us up to produce distinctive and honest imagery.


Our Process

Initial Meeting | In the first half of the meeting we’ll discuss the story of your business. We want to learn everything we can. In the second half we’ll discover the areas of your business that are in need of more/updated imagery. We’ll also deeply discuss style, goals, create moodboards and plan all things for your branding session. This portion of the process is extremely in-depth so that we can create a comprehensive collection of images for you and your business.

Branding Session Day | On the day of the session we want you to be able to relax. We do most of our work upfront so that this day is smooth and enjoyable. During the initial meeting we’ll discuss all the ways you can prep to make the session a breeze.

Review | Your images are completed and we’ll walk through them with you. Discuss the best ways to use them, where to use them and how.

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